“Rick Rattray and I were introduced in 2013 while working on the University of Central Florida’s International Recruitment efforts. This was a new adventure for UCF and Mr. Rattray and his team did a wonderful job of outlining the process and establishing goals.

“Mr. Rattray is incredibly knowledgeable within and beyond the educational market. His knowledge is only a percentage of his capacity as his strongest attribute is his ability to continue open conversation around difficult problems until the problems are eliminated and you are left with a cohesive plan.

“Ultimately, the work Mr. Rattray did in the early years of our partnership are still in practice today and assisting in accomplishing UCF’s international student recruitment.

Paul Lartonoix
Assistant Vice President
University of Central Florida

“Rick blends his great knowledge and skill with a personal touch that kept the partnership between our organizations positive and productive regardless of the situation. I enjoyed working with Rick and both of our organizations benefited from his leadership.”

Jill Hosmer Jolley, PhD
California State University, Monterey Bay

“Rick is an excellent operator, excellent with people both up and down the line.  He is also extremely effective with customers in building relationships. Ethical, practical, very hard working, and able to focus on multiple objectives simultaneously and effectively. Rick is a terrific asset.”

Peter Smith, PhD
The Orkand Chair, Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education,
University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

“Rick is prepared, a deep thinker, and a quick doer, but Rick is also a tremendous human being.  Amiable, kind, a tremendous listener, able to make friends easily–these qualities are crucial to business success but are hard to describe in a cv. I write these words to make sure that you know that in my work with Rick, I have always known him to be cordial, pleasant, positive, deep listener, a true people-person who knows how and when to speak and how and when to listen. Essential traits for business success.”

Linda McKinnish Bridges, PhD
Baptist Theological Seminary

“Rick Rattray is unique in his relationship with potential clients. There is no shortage of persons who have the quick solution to all the challenges in higher education; however, those of us who work in universities know that systemic improvement is complex and requires constant attention and adjustment. When I met Rick, he engaged me in a conversation. He listened, and we exchanged ideas. He respects the challenges university administrators face, and he contributes to their efforts. In the following eight years, he has been a sounding board and an idea generator for me. Rick is professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, reliable, and collegial. I recommend him.”

Judy Copeland Ashcroft, EdD.
Former Dean, University of Texas at Austin,
President, University Professional &
Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)

“Rick has been an unbelievable mentor to me as the CEO of Kadenze. He came in and completely revolutionized our entire business development strategy and process from the ground up. He worked with Finance to make sure we were reporting unit costs and thinking about every business decision with dollars and cents. He did sales tours with our key sales team and trained them along the way on how to professionally work with potential clients, how to setup the pitch, and how to listen to the client’s needs and make the story all about them. Rick is a true leader and has a magic that makes the team want to work around him. He cares more about the team than himself. I really hope I get to work with Rick again in a new company in the future.”

Ajay Kapur, PhD
CEO, Nirveda Cognition

“I came to know Rick through his role at Varroom when he served as Interim Managing Director for several of the early partnership launches at Shorelight Education. He also contributed to Shorelight’s early business model, deals, and processes. Rick was significantly responsible for setting the foundation of Shorelight’s early partnership implementation processes. Rick established project management tools that the corporate implementation team continued to work from. Rick also helped to onboard new team members at corporate and partnership locations. Rick and I worked together several times and I very much appreciated his affable professionalism. Rick can manage complex implementations and support new team members with unflappable positivity.”

Sarah Goggin
Founder, Playwell Company