Accelerating Innovation in Global Education and EdTech

At Varroom, we are energized by the transformation occurring in the educational & training space, even as we are aware of the many challenges facing current educational providers.  In these dynamic market conditions, we reduce time and risk for our partners. We help our partners bridge the gap from product concept to market execution – bringing marketing, product management, and sales resources to bear to rapidly scale new offerings.

“Big projects or new innovation often benefit from a unique perspective, expert support, and additional flexible resources to meet tight timelines.”

Rick Rattray, Managing Partner

We’ve helped:

  • Companies develop new operations to work with universities,
  • Universities develop new programs, ranging from expert help with pathways-related I-17 submission to strategic market planning/execution to adapt to the changing student recruiting situation in the market today.
  • Universities assess new ventures and plan them in ways that reflect both their political realities and market opportunities.
  • Companies in transition (start-up, a recent acquisition, or turnaround) to rapidly align around key goals, professionalize operations, and achieve scale quickly.

We want your product or program to be successful and hope to have the opportunity to help you accelerate that success.