Jim Franco

Jim has over 10 years of experience in product management and product development, both in enterprise software and other industries. In these roles, he’s consistently known and recognized as a leader in customer experience and customer focus – expanding support of customer service teams and driving engagement with sales and account management teams on purchases and products, as well as training and implementation. Jim has an MBA from Duke University and a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University.
Jim brings extensive knowledge of market research as part of the product development process, and has also managed to dig through some of the largest data sets you’ll ever see and come out on the other side with clear ideas of how to use that data, and visualizations to the help the rest of us understand it.
He’s been driving key elements of customer success for his teams for longer than people have been calling it Customer Success! Listening to and learning from the customer is always a good place to start, and Jim brings this approach and empathy to every one of his projects.
Jim lives in northern California with his wife Michelle, three daughters, and one very handsome big black dog, and gets out to the beach, hiking and biking trails as often as possible.