Our Work

Varroom is a unique angel advisory/investment firm.  We help our clients bridge the gap between product innovation and market execution, turning good ideas into operationalized results.   Our process has been successful in formulating actionable solutions to thorny challenges for both public and private sector partners in the education & training sphere since 2006.

We focus on two market areas:

Helping Universities Accelerate Progress by Identifying Enabling Technologies and Approaches and Bringing Them to Fruition.
Helping Private Equity, Venture Capital Firms, Companies, & Start-Ups Develop Lasting Education Projects & Partnerships.

Helping Universities develop productive new international programs, through tactical expert help with best practices to strategic market planning/execution adapted to the changing student recruiting situation in the market today.Helping Private Equity, Venture Capital Firms, Companies, & Start-Ups successfully develop new business lines focused on serving traditional post-secondary higher education.
Helping Universities effectively plan new program development and launch investment that reflects both their political realities and the market opportunities. Helping Private Equity, Venture Capital Firms, Companies, & Start-Ups in transition (start-up, a recent acquisition, or turnaround) to rapidly align around key goals, professionalize operations, and achieve scale quickly.

Enabling Higher Education Transformation

Varroom principals have been involved in assessing and/or partnering on over 100 programs from over 40 major global universities and private sector clients including The University of California System; CalArts; University of Adelaide (AUS); University of London (UK); George Washington University; Brandeis University; George Mason University; University of Virginia; University of Central Florida; and many others. We’ve helped private sector providers get new businesses up-and-running, or to find new footing to regain their growth trajectories for: Shorelight Education; Wiley Education Services; ILSC Education Group/Quad Partners; Barbri Group; and many others.

We know the challenges faced when launching new projects in post-secondary education. We also know the value of managing risk and support a balanced approach to program launch that invests capital appropriately.