Our goal is to create Equal Opportunity 

by accelerating the adoption of emerging edtech solutions

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

Pithy paraphrase of Ram Dass

From Kindergarten to Corporate Training, there are countless identifiable gaps in the learners’ journey that limit potential.  We believe the systems in place are broken, and new creative solutions are the best way to transform the education experience.  We are particularly interested in solutions that seek to:

Broaden Teaching & Assessment Practices to Maximize Success

Solve Last-Mile Recruiting & Corporate Development Problems

Develop Employee Career Potential Consciously

Realized potential benefits everyone – from the student to their employer to society at large.  We deploy an operational playbook designed to help Varroom’s portfolio ventures succeed in the market: taking good ideas and positioning them to generate the right momentum necessary to disrupt.

Varroom has dedicated itself to the support and advancement of education’s vital role in social change.  Change needs leadership that understands the status quo but supports ideas that infiltrate and disrupt.

We partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs dedicated to the evolution of education across the learner’s journey.

⇀ Innovative Teaching to underserved/untapped learner markets

⇀ Corporate Training

⇀ Post-Secondary Education

⇀ ‘Last-mile’ Solutions (Career Readiness, Corporate Recruitment, Pre-hire Assessment, etc)

⇀ SaaS Solutions

⇀ Proprietary Educational Services

We source deals primarily through our network.  If your solution aligns with our mission,